Friday, June 12, 2009

Tea Mixology

Warm weather has finally hit the Chicagoland area and I am just thrilled. As the temperature goes up so does my thirst. For the most part I drink water, and lots of it. I do like to add some tea to my life for a little added interest and in the winter I like it warm but in the summer I like it iced.

The problem for me is that iced tea has caffeine and I am pretty sensitive to caffeine so I try to steer clear of it or limit myself to one glass otherwise I am bouncing off the walls. I was never a fan of herbal teas but I have been experimenting with different flavors and different brands trying to find ones I like.

For the warmer weather I enjoy the fruity tasting teas. They have a nice light flavor and a mild sweetness that makes me happy. I have recently been mixing flavors to add another dimension and it is so fun! I mixed the Raspberry Zinger with the Acai Mango Zinger for a wonderful tasting tea. I also made a batch with a couple of black tea bags to add another layer. Fun!

There are so many great brands and great flavors to explore. I love the Yogi brand teas. I find mine at my local Whole Foods. Another great brand of tea is Harney & Sons. Their teas have a rich, full bodied taste and there are lots of flavors to explore. I've only found their tea in a local restaurant and Midway Airport of all places but you can buy it online from their website.

So get out and enjoy the warm weather and be sure to bring along plenty of fresh water and some yummy iced herbal tea. Have fun with it and mix away. Go crazy, you never know what you will come up with. Be sure to let me know if you invent something delicious.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Can Have It!

Event: You Can Have it! Teleseminar
Location: On the phone in the comfort of your home
Date: Wednesday, June 10th
Start Time: 7:00pm CST
Press: Chicago Examiner Article

Are you walking through life unconsciously, feeling as if you aren't living the life of your dreams?

Do you feel like you don't know how to go about making changes because you don't even know what it is you truly want?

What would it feel like to get in touch with what it is you truly desire and then to see that vision realized?

Join me for this guided introspection that will help you uncover your deepest vision for your life and give you the momentum you need to see it through. This work is offered twice a year, once in January and once in June. Don't wait 6 months for another opportunity.

This free workshop is being offered as a teleseminar. Call in from a quiet location where you will not be disturbed. Have a paper and pen ready.

Phone Number 218.338.2626
Access Code: 239594

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

5 Minute Lunch

I was looking for a fast and easy salad I could make for lunch and I came up with this recipe. It was really delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful!

Spinach Raspberry Salad
Spinach Leaves
Canned Wild Salmon
Pecans, Chopped
Red Onions, sliced
Feta Cheese Crumbles

Dressing- I combined a pomegranate vinegar with olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh minced garlic. You could use a raspberry vinegar too.
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